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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
9:23 pm
Thursday, February 12th, 2009
3:15 pm
Perfect Pork Fried Rice ([American] Chinese Restaurant Style)

Greetings! This is a re-post of my recipe for Chinese Restaurant Pork Fried Rice, originally posted at http://cgpbento.livejournal.com/6165.html, and also featured on my profile page. Recently I was making a couple batches, and on the second I measured everything I put in as I went, so this recipe is no longer base estimation, and in theory could be followed by anyone to achieve the same great results! I figured I'd put it out there for sharing, in communities as well as my blog, since it was all new and improved. >^_^< Enjoy!

I made "Chinese restaurant style" pork fried rice! I had to mostly make up the recipe myself, since I couldn't find anything anywhere that mentioned what I wanted to do. I incorporated some of the vegetable ingredients and mixing ideas from a couple other recipes, but I'm really happy that I got pretty much the exact results I wanted with my own idea and attempt. (I couldn't find anything that said how to do the pork like I wanted to.) Yay!

Chinese Pork
Step 1: Chinese pork

- pork, cut into small cubes
- a jar of Ah-So sauce

Put the pork in a baking pan. Pour in enough Ah-So sauce to cover pork, stir. Put in a 350 - 400 degree oven [depending on how well your oven works] for about an hour. (May take longer, even up to 2 hours, depending on the batch- mainly going for thoroughly cooked pork with a dark sauce color.) Check and stir periodically, about every 10 - 15 minutes or so.

Ah-So sauce is interesting stuff. It's bright red, somewhat sweet, very salty, and very sticky. It tends to stick to the cooked pork thickly, making it not really resemble [American] Chinese restaurant pork at all. It's still tasty though. Of course, after I had added it to the fried rice, the way the excess sauce rubbed off while stirring apparently left the pork resembling the Chinese restaurant pork perfectly.

And if MSG is a concern for you, then no problem, because there is no MSG in the Ah-So Sauce. I have never seen more than one brand of Ah-So Sauce in this area, but a quick check of the ingredients label will let you know if your Ah-So Sauce is also MSG Free.

Pork Fried Rice

Step 2: Pork Fried Rice

- 6 tbsp cooking oil
- 6 cups cooked rice
- 1/4 cup soy sauce (LaChoy brand or similar taste for best results)
- 1 cup chopped carrot bits
- 1 cup chopped green onions (scallions), or regular onion
- 1/2 a 12-16oz package of bean sprouts
- cooking spray (or more oil)
- 2 large eggs (3 if small)
- 1 cup Chinese pork, as prepared above

Add 6 tbsp cooking oil to a wok or wok-like pan at med-high heat. Put in 6 cups of cooked rice. Fresh, moist rice is best to work with, so either use freshly finished rice or microwave your leftover rice- covered- to re-heat and restore moisture. (If your rice has become very dry, drip some water over it and then cover and microwave to restore moisture).

Cover rice with 1/4 cup soy sauce (LaChoy brand soy sauce gave the best results). Stir until evenly coated. Press the rice flat into the pan and let it sit. Go ahead and press it down as far up against the sides of the pan as it will go, to get it all as flat as possible. About every 2 or 3 minutes, "flip" the rice- pretty much, just stir it around and then flatten it again. Cook until starting to look fried.

Turn down the heat to 1 setting under medium. Add 1 cup of chopped up carrot bits and stir. Add 1 cup of chopped green onions (or regular onion) and stir. Add two big handfuls of fresh bean sprouts (about half of a 12-16oz package), stir. Cover with a lid and let sit for 5 minutes, stirring once at the halfway point.

Now the veggies are starting to look cooked, while the beansprouts are still looking somewhat fresh (don't worry, they'll be done by the time you're finished). Push everything to one side of the pan to leave yourself some open space. Add a small amount of cooking oil or some cooking spray. Put in the 2 eggs (3 if small) and scramble them up, breaking them apart into small bits. Try pressing the tip of the spatula into them and moving it back and forth as you go. (Don't worry if some of the rice or veggies fall into them.) Then stir the egg bits into the rice and veggies.

Now you can turn off the heat, you're almost done.

Add about 1 cup of Chinese pork (as prepared above) into the rice, and stir thoroughly (excess Ah-So sauce will rub off on the rice while stirring). Then let sit for a short while to cool down a bit.
You have tasty Chinese pork fried rice! >^_^<

Try it out, tweak your ingredient amounts as needed, and you should be able to get perfect Chinese restaurant pork fried rice from this. >^_^< .

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, November 15th, 2008
11:38 pm
Bacon-wrapped filets & Pears with Gouda, Proscuitto, & Nuts

Quick, easy, & good - bacon-wrapped filet, which I cooked by roasting a little garlic and onion in a pan with olive oil, then added a bit of butter and tarragon to saute the filets in, sprinkled them with a touch of seasoned black pepper and grey sea salt when done, and they were ready to go. The pears were poached and served sprinkled with walnuts and drizzled with a reduction of honey in apple cider over chopped walnuts and pecans, then topped with strips of proscuitto and slices of shaved gouda.
Friday, August 22nd, 2008
2:12 pm
In the Kitchen: Knob Hill

Chef Micheal Zentner of the Knob Hill Inn shows off his culinary skills as he demonstrates how to prepare delicious seafood.
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
6:07 pm
Don't Be Just a Vegetarian... Be a Fruitarian!

There is no dearth of people who want to lose weight in the wink of an eye. With growing health consciousness among them worldwide, there has been a rapid increase in the number of health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers. However, the result is often not so encouraging. This might happen due to negligence of following your regular exercise routine or following a wrong diet pattern. Most of the people suffer from a misconception that physical exercise is the only effective solution for losing weight. The truth is physical exercise in combination with a good diet pattern lends you effective results.

Your diet should be chalked out in proportion to your BMI (Body Mass Index), i.e. the ratio between your height and weight. Calorie consumption of individuals depends on their BMI. People having a high BMI need to adhere to a strict diet pattern by cutting down on calories through the inclusion of more fruits and vegetables. The role of fruits in your diet chart is extremely important to allow your bodies consume less extra calories from food. The benefits of fruits can hardly be debated upon. Loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals, this natural resource possesses the capacity to pump out all the toxins from the body. Consumption of fruits and vegetables in appropriate quantities gives the body a healthy glow.

People all over the world are widely appreciating the benefits of fruits. This has led to the emergence of the trend of juicing bars. Be it Seattle, Washington or South Carolina, one can find people from different age groups or professions lined up to have a pick from their favorite fruit juices. Many people argue that fruit juices lose much of their nutrients than raw fruits. Without doubt, consuming raw fruits is the best solution but there are few of us who would actually like to do so. Fruit juices are ideal for those who do not like to consume fruits as a whole. Besides, it is easier for the body to absorb nutrients when consumed in liquid form. Fruits, when pressed, do not lose their nutrients. Fruit juices content the same nutrients and fibers as compared to their raw counterpart.

Apart from the consumption pattern of fruits, it is also important to glance at some of the other benefits provided by fruits and their juices. According to a research carried by a team of the Glasgow University, a diet rich in fruits and fruit juices reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Fruits contain antioxidants that help in reducing cell damage caused by free radicals. Adequate amount of fruit consumption can help combat against ageing and diseases in general. Besides, the fiber content in fruits does not allow the body to consume more calories, thus cutting down on extra consumption.

The benefits of fruits can be talked about indefinitely. Fruits can provide resistance from almost every disease possible. Talking about some of the favorite fruit drinks, watermelon, pineapple, mango, apple, peach, grapes, orange are the most popular. Watermelon juice is particularly popular in America for its high water and lycopene content. Citrus juices like orange juice is popular all over the world, not to overlook the other flavors. These natural drinks are a lot healthier and safer than aerated water or other artificial drinks. So drink your way to health by switching on to fruits. Don't just be a vegetarian... be a fruitarian!

About the Author: Suzanne Macguire is an Internet marketing professional with expertise in content development and technical writing in a variety of industries.
Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew

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Saturday, July 5th, 2008
8:07 pm
Tips For Creating A Homemade Gourmet Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with gourmet food items can be a practical gift as well as delicious. And, if you make it yourself, you can personalize it with gifts of the recipient's favorite foods. Gourmet foods are special foods and a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday or special occasion.

Selecting the Basket:
When selecting an empty basket for your food gifts, choose a size that is appropriate for the number of people for whom you are making the gift. For example, you can make a small gourmet basket for an individual or for a couple, or a larger one for a group of people or for an entire family. If you already have a nearly new basket you would like to use, simply give it a quick refresher by swishing it in hot, soapy water, rinsing it with clear water to remove any fragrance from the soap, and allow the basket to thoroughly air dry.

Preparing the Basket:
The most attractive gift basket looks overflowing. Before arranging the food items in the basket, place plenty of filler materials in the basket so that the gifts show above the basket. If your basket is on the deep side, place a piece of foam in the bottom first. Shredded brown paper or newspaper as well as purchased colorful shred or straw are all attractive fillers. If you have empty spaces after you have placed all the gift items, place small bunches of the shredded materials in these spaces.

Choosing the Contents:
A variety of gourmet meats such as pepperoni, salami, and a small canned ham are regularly used in gourmet food gift baskets. You may also want to include canned seafood products like crabmeat, clams, and sardines. It's a nice touch to add a dry mix for making a dip using the canned seafood. As assortment of cheese wedges, cheese spreads, gourmet crackers, bread sticks along with a small cheese board with a cheese knife or spreader are readily available and easy to place in the gift basket. Green and black olives, spicy mustard, pickled onions, roasted peppers, and appetizers in jars are nice accompaniments to the meats and cheeses. Include something sweet for dessert, such as cookies, chocolate covered mints, or anything with chocolate.

Top off your contents with a selection of beverages: a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic sparkling cider as well as gourmet coffee and herbal tea. If you plan to include a bottle of wine or sparkling cider in your gift basket, choose an empty basket with a sturdy handle so you can anchor the bottle by tying the neck of the bottle to the basket handle using twine or cord.

Decorative Touches:
Add small bunches of fresh red or green grapes at the last minute so they remain fresh.
Scatter colorful Hershey's Kisses amongst the gifts.
Add a fruit, wine, or chocolate scented candle. (Note: Some non-food fragrances might seep into the food.)
If desired, place your finished gourmet gift basket in a cello bag. Close the bag at the top with curly ribbon with plenty of ribbon so it cascades down the front of the gift basket. You can tie silk flowers or a satin bow in with the ribbon.
Don't forget to include a gift card.

About the Author: Janet Vogel is the owner of Homemade Gift Basket Ideas where you can find more information about Homemade Gourmet Gift Baskets as well as over 50 other gift basket themes.

Lool here! burger king
Sunday, June 29th, 2008
9:07 pm
event tasting wine

Knowing that you need to better understand this topic I recommend that you take Five minutes to read what we have to say.

Many of you have gone to a place where wine-colored is served and you have no idea of the eccentric of vino that is being served. There are still other modern times when you have been to a use and you have just drunk a great event tasting wine without well-read its name. This can be a tizzy especially if you like the taste perception of good event tasting wines.

While this fact may continue to disorder you, there are way to get over this situation. For representative you will most decidedly have noticed the color of the event tasting wine. Since most wines are red or white learned the color can eliminate a lot of the guesswork. When you have selected the color of your new vino the next part is to distinguish the taste. It is likely at this point that you are saying, how can I say what it tastes like?

There is no need to panic at this question. What you need to do is to know if the wine tasted sweetly or dry. Depending on this answer your event tasting wine range has become smaller. Since the sweet wines can be sugary sweet or just simply honeyed you should be able to say if your event tasting wine had this character of sugariness perceptiveness or did it leave your mouth smell dry.

When you have made the option for this part of the form tasting wine you can further narrow down your search field. This is plainly by remembering the time that you had the wine and how it looked. You can say if the wine had a bubbly character of tasting or was it very sweet and complemented your dessert. These traits indicate if you had a sparkling wine-colored &ndash; consequently the bubbly visual aspect and taste &ndash; or a fresh wine as most modern times this wine-colored will have been given just as you were being served your dessert.

All of this selective information will help you to see the wines that you can try. There should be one from among this integral choice of wines that match your event tasting wine and you will not have to search through hundreds of wines. The color, the taste perception and the time that you had the wine-colored will let you see the choices that are left in certain vino types. Hopefully at the end of this event tasting wine choice process you will be able to decide which wine you should see about taste first.

This could be the only way that you can discover that great wine that you were privileged to drink at the vino tasting you went to. You can also hope that sometime in the near future you can ask your host what the various event wines were that they served that day. This is possibly the better alternate or you can just leave it in the hands of circumstances and drink your way through the many event tasting wine selections that come your way.

I hope this article provided you with the information you were looking for. I have many other articles online that may be of interest to you.

About the Author:

Michael Malega presents several Event Taste Wine for your information. You can visit Michael's web site here event tasting wine

I know about - chinese food
Friday, June 27th, 2008
11:18 am
This is amazing!

Thursday, June 26th, 2008
11:07 am
Easy to Make Omelets

An omelet or omelette is a breakfast food that consists of an egg based wrapper around a filling of your favorite foods. Omelets are very easy to make and require little time to create. Always be sure that your fillings are pre-cooked or able to be finished in the time available.

Basic ingredients needed for one omelet:

2 eggs
Oil, non-stick spray, butter or margarine
Salt and/or pepper (optional to taste)

Suggested fillings for an omelet:

Ham, cheese, green peppers and onions
Chopped chicken, Swiss cheese and pre-cooked bacon
Pre-cooked bacon and sausage
Broccoli or most other seasonal vegetables
Chopped tomatoes, optionally with the gooey seedy parts removed
Pan fried garlic, mushrooms, and fennel
Zucchini and leeks
Cheese; cheddar, pecorino Romano, blue cheese, Swiss.
Spinach, cheese and pinenuts.
Sauteed spinach
Pancetta, wood fired or lightly roasted baby potatoes & fresh herbs
New potatoes, mushrooms and cheese
Sausage, mushrooms and blue cheese
Smoked salmon, crispy potatoes and herbs with sour cream
Smoked salmon, brie and fresh herbs
Prawns and brie with fennel confit
Pancetta, bocconcini and basil

These suggested fillings are only to give you ideas. Basically, you may use any fillings that you like. Egg omelets can be different every time you make them!

Chop up the filling and add them to a pan with Oil, non-stick spray, butter or margarine. Stir occasionally and allow to cook until done. If you are using meats, such as chicken, pork, beef or fish pre-cook the meat before adding to the filling. Note that if you will be using a cheese product you do not add it to the filling at this time.

Mix or whisk the eggs in a bowl until they are evenly colored. Add salt and pepper to taste. You may add water or milk to the eggs to thin them out if desired. If you are limiting cholesterol in your diet you may separate the eggs and use only the whites. If you choose to do this use 3 to 4 eggs instead of two.

Pour the egg mixture into a cool skillet or frying pan. Rotate the pan until the eggs cover the entire surface of the pan. Turn the heat setting to about the middle - not too hot. Stir constantly until the egg mixture becomes solid. If you do not stir the eggs enough you may have some difficulty in getting the upper portion of the eggs to solidify. If this happens you can lift the edges of the eggs and tilt the pan slightly to allow the still liquid egg mixture to flow under the solidified part.

Loosen the egg at the edges until you can slide a spatula under the eggs. You will need to flip the eggs carefully to avoid breaking them up.

Once you have flipped the eggs it is time to place the hot filling on top of the mixture. Cover 1/2 of the egg mixture with your chosen fillings. If you decided to use cheese now is the time to add it.

Slip the spatula under the half that doesnt have the filling and flip it over to enclose the filling,

After folding your omelet, you may want to top it with grated cheddar cheese, hollandaise sauce or other topping. You may also garnish the omelet with cream cheese or sour cream.

About the Author: For more breakfast recipes and other recipes and cooking articles visit Good Cook Recipes at .goodcookrecipes.com. Food and drink are two of the great pleasures in life. eat and drink @ mwnch provides recipes and discussion to help you to get the greatest pleasure from them. To us that means sourcing the finest seasonal, local and where appropriate organic produce and ingredients.

I like it - gourmet coffee beans - a brief overview
Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
1:45 pm
Greetings and Salutations!

I'm new to this community so if posts like this aren't appropriate, please let me know.

Were any of you able to make it to the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, CO?

If not, here is a wonderful source of coverage of this fantastic event.

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Saturday, June 21st, 2008
9:07 pm
Gourmet Coffee, An Introduction

Gourmet Coffee

The gourmet coffee bean is considered to be among the finest coffee beans in the world. If you ever wondered where those great-tasting gourmet coffees derive their rich flavor, you might want to take a look at gourmet coffee beans, the source of delightful coffee the world has come to love. All gourmet coffee and tea share at least one important trait: they both are made from the best product available to better suit their customers.

You can brew at home with fine gourmet coffee beans, fresh ground and brewed in a French press coffee maker, carry a fancy thermos of great coffee to work or school and enjoy the best coffee available for far less money than you would spend at crowded and expensive premium coffee house. When consumers learn that they can purchase gourmet whole bean coffee for between $10 to $18 per pound, then fresh grind and brew at home for significantly less than gourmet coffee companies charge, many see home brewing premium gourmet coffee as luxurious treat. Buying Gourmet Coffee Online is fun, easy, and often the best way to get Fresh Roasted Coffee to your home or office.

But to take your appreciation of gourmet coffee beans to the next level, you will need to better understand the process that leads us from the freshly picked coffee cherry to the final product, the green beans, ready to be shipped to coffee roasters for roasting. Roasting and grinding of freshly picked green coffee beans are the two very crucial steps in enhancing the rich coffee flavors that is so very typical of gourmet java. The freshly picked green gourmet coffee bean is subjected to two crucial treatment procedures, roasting and grinding.

Most coffee making companies offer a gourmet style drink, including: Gevalia, Green Mountain, San Giorgio, San Francisco Bay, Kona and Javalution. Various coffee making companies, gourmet coffee shops and boutiques offer gourmet flavored coffee in a variety of flavors. Not all these flavors are to everyone's liking, but the taste sensations of gourmet flavored coffee give you a new outlook on Java juice.

When Roasters add flavorings such as chocolate syrups, or caramel to name a few, these additives give your coffee a unique taste that is qualified as Gourmet Flavored Coffee. Learn to enjoy it, appreciate the smell, love the taste, experiment with it and you will soon see the wonder of gourmet coffee. Lastly and probably the most important aspect of getting a great cup of gourmet coffee is to make sure to enjoy your coffee when it is hot and fresh.

To fully appreciate a cup of hot gourmet flavored coffee, you should take a minute to inform yourself with the basics of gourmet coffee. Each of these Gourmet Coffee shops offers the standard cup of coffee, and the flavored coffees but each offers a different twist of their coffees. To respect the best gourmet coffees in the world, you must understand some of the interesting history associated with that famous coffee bean.

Natural drying via the sun can produce some truly exquisite gourmet coffee beans, with unique flavors that are rarely experienced in the west. Like wine, gourmet coffee beans vary based on the region of origin. When you are making gourmet coffee at home, you will need whole coffee beans, (grinding the beans just before brewing insures the freshest coffee) fresh spring water, light cream and sugar.

For those who do not enjoy the flavor and aroma of a great cup of coffee, this may seem like an extravagant purchase and colossal waste of money and time.

About the Author: Dave Odell has been a freelance writer for over 20 years and has used his fair share of coffee in that time.

Good page. best recipes: ice cream cookie pizza
Monday, June 16th, 2008
12:07 pm
A Healthy Budget

Healthy foods such as whole grains, chicken and fresh produce are often much more expensive than the alternatives of white flour items, frozen dinners and canned soup. Fast food is also a cheap substitute for a healthy meal as it offers a filling and convenient choice for only a few dollars. Considering these points, it's understandable that most people that live on a tight budget tend to think that a healthy diet is beyond their means. However, with some planning and discipline, a healthy budget is easily within reach.

Junk food should be the first item on the chopping block to meet your budget. These items add to your grocery bill without adding any healthy or nutritional value to your diet. Steer clear of these aisles and shop on a full stomach to subdue any impulse cravings.

Beans are a great choice for those on a budget. Making meals around beans can help cut back on fat and cholesterol while giving you your much needed protien. In fact, it is recommended that you include beans in your meals at least four times a week due to it's healthy offerings. And, with the different types of beans out there, you can change it up to add variety.

Pasta is inexpensive, quick to prepare and can be served with just about anything including different meats and vegetables. Opt for the healthier alternatives of whole wheat pastas if available at your grocery store.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a regular part of your healthy diet. Vegetables are great to add to all main courses while the fruits are ideal for a qucik healthy snack. To get the maximum potential for taste and nutrition, buy them in their seasons. Canned fruits and vegetables can be handy for those last minute meals. You can also save your vegetable trimmings for future use in casseroles and soups.

Peanut butter is also a great healthy choice for your budget. Peanut butter is generally cheap and full of protien. It can also be paired up with more than just jam. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are an option or you can cut up an apple and dip the pieces in peanut butter.

When you're cooking a big meal, make some extra and freeze for later consumption. This way, you'll have a healthy and inexpensive meal on hand for when you don't have the time to cook. This is a great way to stop the temptations to eat out.

It is always a good idea to buy non-perishables in bulk. Items such as canned foods, dried beans and grains have a long shelf life so when these are on special, stock up. Things such as meat and poultry can be frozen for long periods so you can buy these in bulk as well.

Dining out is your worst enemy when you're trying to stay on a healthy budget. Many items on a menu are high in fat and sodium and can cost you quite a bit, especially when you take gratuities into consideration. Eating out every once in a while is fine, but stay away from fast food restaurants that are no good for neither your health or your budget.

A healthy budget may seem to be a daunting task especially considering the alternatives but it will eventually become second nature to you. You will also soon realize that it's more than worth the effort. A fatter wallet as well as a healthier you is definitely worthwhile.

Don't miss John Dee's article on Losing Weight Successfully

About the Author: John Dee also writes articles in other subjects such as The Outdoors, Fitness and The Internet

More and more - best recipes: ice cream cookie pizza
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
11:10 pm
Friday, June 23rd, 2006
10:56 am
Veggie Lady

Left:  ladybug of tomato-fried rice and onions, nori accents
Right:  mom's vegetarian eggrolls, grape tomatoes, broccoli

x-posted to mmmbento
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
12:32 pm
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
10:57 am
Ode to Spring

From left to right: Thai-style dumplings (recipe here) and hotdog flowers on a bed of watercress, egg butterflies, flower with quick-pickled carrot petals and yolk center, and behind the carrot flower and bottom butterfly is stir-fried zucchini and orange bell pepper.

x-posted at ♥ Cooking Cute ♥.
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
1:42 am
15 Arctic Monkeyyyyss!
26 desserts! =P

41 total!


@ my icon journal here!
Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
12:35 pm
The Art of Bento
Hello all! Just wanted to share a bento I made recently:

Left: tamagoyaki with spinach, stir-fried Chinese broccoli, shrimp shiu mai, grape tomatoes
Right: 1 plain onigiri, 2 rolled in different flavored furikake, container of soy sauce
Also: chopsticks & furoshiki

mmmbento is my just-launched bento blog. Come check it out if you like. :) Recipes can be found in the recipes/memories link.

Here is the tamagoyaki with spinach recipe (so easy and good!) if you're interested.
Monday, February 13th, 2006
4:04 pm
Appetite for Seduction Premiering on iTunes this Valentine's Day
This is a new TV podcast for iTunes, all about cooking, in our first episode we cook with pomegrantes, the show is completely free, nobody makes any money off it.

Join Sensual Cooking Diva, Shani Castri, as she explores the romantic history and potency of some of the finest aphrodisiacs found in New York City and around the world. Shani consults with the experts on her journey to help awaken your appetite for seduction. From caviar to vanilla, pomegranate to garlic, join Shani every two weeks, when as she guides you towards creating an evening—or morning—of passion and food that you and your partner are not soon to forget.

Click here to subscribe via iTunes
Visit www.appetiteforseduction.com
Visit the Appetite for Seduction Livejournal Community

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